Elevate Your Customer Interactions: Our Cloud Contact Center Expertise

Transform your customer interactions into growth opportunities with our Cloud Contact Center solutions. At Exato we don't just set up a contact center; we engineer a growth catalyst. Our tailored solutions, combined with in-depth industry knowledge, pave the way for enhanced customer engagement and, ultimately, business expansion

Introducing 'CX Evolve Suite':
Your Complete Cloud Contact Center Transformation

  • Assessment and Consulting: "Uncover CX potential with tailored assessments, guiding your contact center transformation, step by insightful step."
  • Strategy and Planning: "Forge a strategic roadmap, aligning cloud adoption with business goals, steering your contact center to the future."
  • Design and Architecture: "Architect a cloudscape tailored to your brand, fusing innovation and industry know-how into your contact center blueprint."
  • Deployment and Configuration: "Ascend seamlessly to the cloud, configuring an optimized contact center ecosystem that fuels exceptional customer experiences."
  • Integration and Customization: "Harmonize your contact center experience, integrating diverse solutions while customizing for your unique operational cadence."
  • Testing and Quality Assurance: "Ensure peak performance with a meticulous quality ballet, rigorously testing each component for flawless contact center choreography."
  • Training and Change Management: "Guide your teams into the cloud era with precision, orchestrating a seamless transition for an agile contact center ensemble."
  • Ongoing Monitoring and Support: "Conduct a symphony of vigilance, ensuring your contact center is an ever-harmonious performance through round-the-clock support."
  • Data Analytics and Insights: "Conduct a data symphony, extracting meaningful notes that compose a perfect CX opus for your contact center."
  • Scalability and Future Growth: "Compose an ever-evolving score, enabling your contact center to scale harmoniously and crescendo into future innovations."

  • Exato’s Cloud Catalyst:
    Engineered Solutions, Definite Outcomes

    Embrace Cloud Catalyst, where our solutions are the gears propelling your contact center forward. With us, expect assured outcomes: heightened customer delight, operational efficiency, strategic insights, regulatory compliance, and effortless scalability.

    We engineer success with precision, ensuring your contact center thrives in the cloud—trust in technology, trust in outcomes.

    1. Enhanced Customer Experience (CX):

    ◦ Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT): Targeting a significant increase, e.g., a 10-15% improvement in CSAT scores.
    ◦ Net Promoter Score (NPS): Aim for a NPS increase of 20 points or more, indicating improved customer advocacy.

    2. Operational Efficiency and Cost Savings:

    ◦ Average Handling Time (AHT):Aim to reduce AHT by 15-20%, indicating faster issue resolution and improved efficiency.
    ◦ Cost per Contact: Target a 15-25% reduction in the cost per contact, reflecting cost-efficiency gains.

    3. Data-Driven Decision Making:

    ◦ Data Utilization Rate: Target a 30-40% increase in the utilization of customer data for decision-making and strategy development.
    ◦ Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO):Aim for a 10-15% increase in conversion rates through data-informed optimizations.

    4. Compliance Adherence and Risk Mitigation:

    ◦ Compliance Audit Rating: Aim for a 95% or higher rating in compliance audits, indicating strong adherence.
    ◦ Incident Reduction: Target a 20-30% reduction in compliance-related incidents, showcasing effective risk mitigation.

    5. Scalability and Business Agility:

    ◦ Scalability Ratio:Aim for a 1:3 ratio, indicating the ability to scale threefold during peak periods or business expansion.
    ◦ Time to Implement Changes: Target a 30-40% reduction in the time taken to implement changes, showcasing increased business agility.

    These quantifiable metrics provide a clear indication of the impact of the implemented solutions, enabling the organization to measure and track success in enhancing customer experience, operational efficiency, compliance, and overall business agility.