The Customer Experience Landscape Is Fragmented

With over 31 unique market spaces, 280+ cumulative market leaders, 30,000 vendors and 20,000 plugins, the CXaaS landscape is fragmented. The Exato CXaaS platform solves this maze by taking a unique approach both for the internal and external customers.

Small, measured change.

Unique to each environment.

Exato CXaaS Platform enables enterprises to move from the gross to the subtle, big to the small, and fix some of the biggest challenges in the customes experience and employee experience domains.
Before Exato
After Exato
Standardized roll outs
Crafting of Micro Journeys
Solving for Mega problems
Solving for obvious problems
One time fix
Continuous Handholding
New technology solves all issues
Adoption as a designed movement
Throw AI Bots at everything
AI needs to be consumed
Process forces productivity
People become productive

We design, deliver, manage and optimise your customer experience and employee experience.

Exato CXaaS Platform enables enterprises to distil a plethora of CX and EX technologies through its CXaaS blueprint.

Our Offerings

CX Design & Consulting

Discover what customers and employees want, and identify the right people, process and technology required to design connected journeys.

CX Products & Platforms

A comprehensive suite of products and platforms delivers a highly connected experience in a simple, agile and cost-effective way.

CX Services & Digital

Flexible and tailored services to orchestrate and streamline CX operations across applications, infrastructure and network domains, with a digital-first /micro-services wrapper.

CX Cloud

Simplify and de-risk cloud adoption with pre-built integrations to critical CC and CX solutions without compromising on performance & control.

Analytics, Automation & AI

Leverage the power of Analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Automation to take the fastest path to enhance CX and EX across channels in real-time.