Turret/Dealer Board Solutions

Secure, Compliant and Resilient Trading Floors

Transform your trading floor with the Exato multiline calling and conferencing solution,powered by Atos Unify and NICE.

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Trading Floors are Hubs of Stress, Pressure and Regulation

You would expect Trading floors to be agile and handle complexities with speed and efficacy. Yet, in many organisations, dealers still deal with legacy technologies, archaic practices and the risk of non-compliance, leading to a progressive decline in competitiveness.


Needing in-person collaboration


Systems and archaic implementations


Meet regulatory and monetary policies

Transform your Trading Floor into a Hub Collaboration

Transforming trading floors into an agile, decentralized and flexible hub of dealer collaboration is now easy. Powered by Unify OpenScape Xpert and Nice Trading Recording, Exato Turret Trading Board Solution can enable compliance, improve deal collaboration & experience and improve ROI.


Embrace secure and hybrid work.

Employee Experience

Drive better dealer and trader experiences


Adopt cutting-edge trading floor technology

Best of Breed Trading Floor Technologies, integrated

Backed by its consulting-led approach, Exato has extensive knowledge of the Trading Floor Technology requirements and a deep understanding of Unify OpenScape Xpert and Nice Trading Recording.

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A Feature Rich Solution To Meet Trading Floor Requirements

Atos Unify OpenScape Xpert


Secure and customizable IP communications
Flexible, resilient and simple architecture
Built for 24x7x365 operation redundancy
Centralized configuration and view management
Support for secure real-time trader collaboration
Modern architecture with centralised configuration and views
Customizable user pages, soft buttons & unlimited shortcuts.
Dynamic, on-demand recording and Archiving
Feature-rich user-level control for time-critical communication
Analytics on trade conversations and interactions
SIP-based open standards
Trusted by over 90% of the world’s largest financial services brands
Seamless integration with 3rd IP PBX & voice recording solutions.
Compliant with financial and trade regulations
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Success Stories

One of the largest nationalised banks in India refreshes their decade old to meet compliance and security polices.

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One of India’s Top-5 banks plugs revenue losses and meets audit requirements by refreshing their Turrets and dealer boards.

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